Precision treatment. Precisely when you need it.

The average wait time in California emergency departments is four hours. When life’s accidents happen, you need precise medical attention. That’s why the Emergency Room staff at St. Helena Hospital is committed to providing precision medical care immediately upon your arrival. The expert staff, supervised by Harvard-trained physician, Dr. Rodney Look, MD, make sure the triage process begins at the door. You automatically see an ER nurse, who is licensed to begin treatment according to your needs. Once evaluated, you move through the emergency room process quickly and efficiently, receiving the highest standard of care and medical expertise.

Our physicians and staff treat you with personal care and compassion. They're trained to handle everything from cuts, broken bones and high fevers to life threatening events, such as cardiac arrest and stroke. They have at their disposal a legion of specialists: Interventional cardiologist, acute stroke team, hand, cardiac, vascular and ear nose and throat surgeons, substance abuse physicians to full psychiatric services. With our efficient process and steadfast commitment you can be assured your concerns will be addressed and your questions answered expediently. When every second counts, you need precision care. That’s why the Emergency Room of St. Helena Hospital is here to help, 24 hours a day. No waiting.